Daqin 3D Mobile Phone Skin DIY System

- Jun 05, 2019-

Basic Info
  • Type: Mobile Phone Sticker

  • Logo Printing: Without Logo Printing

  • Trademark: Daqin

  • Origin:  China

  • Material: Optional

  • Size: A3/A4

  • Transport Package: Carton

  • Product Description

Mobile phone skin DIY.Patented technology.Made up by the Daqin software and cutting achine, printer and laminator.Custom any photo for cellphone skin.Create your ideal mobile phone skin according to your idea.

Daqin mobile phone sticker system-3D version
Daqin mobile prink uses special printer,software and cutter to make up mobile phones.Just DIY any picture, any phone,anytime and anyone.
The world first mobile phone makeup craft-bronzing technology, it is new generation of mobile phone makeup external treatment technology. It makes your photographs, signatures, patterns into bronzing or silvering craft. The patterns become resplendent.
We can do any pattern you like right here, theunique effect is previously incomparable. The cartoon is no longer simple, but bronzing; your signature is no longer monotonous, but silvering; and your photos are no longer dulls,it will be gilt-edged.
Nowadays, this new technology is emerging quietly, and it will add more character and personal>Overview
1.System of designing and making cellphone skin. 
2.Custom any photo for cellphone skin.
3.2013 new.

32 bits /64 bits OS capable 
Simple to use, Design it by yourself 
3D prink, any side, any angle, any edge, seamless 
Diamond inlaying, designed for the entire surface of your cell phone. 
Ultra detailed model data include all the edge, angle and radian.
Software bundling with Cutting machine 
Better interface, which makes it easier to use 
Get exactly same how you design looked in the computer. 
Layout function in the working area, batch output 
Saving, you can save your design or concept at any time you want 
Print and cut at the same time, efficient operation 
Multi-color filling, inverse filling, your design will be as natural as it can be 
Upgrade in every minute, data synchronization 
Individual shapes and layers, color customizable 
Multi-layers management, ease of design or replacement 
Market industry auto show, keep abreast of market information